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April 2016
The Spot Experience Acquires Running Paws Athletic Club
"The Spot Experience, New York’s fastest growing pet services company, announced that it has acquired Running Paws, a full-service dog care facility located at 1105 First Ave. and 61st Street in Manhattan."

New York Times, January 2016
Pet Amenities for New York’s Lucky Dogs

Financial Advisor, January 2016
Former NFLer Gives Up Hedge Funds To Pamper Pooches
"Mitch Marrow’s kaleidoscopic career has taken him to the NFL, to the UBS European trading desk and to the directorship of a hedge fund. Now it’s for the dogs, and he couldn’t be happier."

New York Times, January 2016
Pet Amenities for New York’s Lucky Dogs, May 2013
"The kennel, which is located inside United's new cargo facility, has 28 individual enclosures and allows different species of animals traveling with the airline to be held comfortably in separate, ventilated and temperature-controlled areas."

PR Newswire, May 2013
"We have an industry-leading pet travel program and this new kennel facility allows us to further extend our best-in-class service to the animals traveling through Chicago."

United Cargo, Company Pressroom, May 2013
"Everyone involved with Petsafe O'Hare is excited about the new kennel. Said Rob Zimmerman, United's senior Manager of Cargo Opperations. ORD. This includes the dedicated Petsafe runners who do a phenomenal job supporting the service every day, as well as the Ramp and Cargo Operations teams."

Business Traveler, May 2013
"United also has pet safe service kennels in Houston and Newark airports. The Spot Experience operates the new Chicago kennel and the Newark one."

KXNews, May 2013
"We have an industry leading pet-travel program and this new kennel facility allows us to further extend our best-in-class service to the animals traveling through Chicago."

USA Today, May 2013
"Chicago O'Hare International airport has just gotten more pet-friendly."

CNBC, February 2013
"Pet areas are great opportunities for underutilized areas. Even during the downturn, the pet business continued to thrive."

Multi Housing News, February 2013
"The SPOT Experience program is found in more than 30 residential buildings, but this is the first residential community in Battery Park City to provide the company's dog concierge program to its residents."

New York Post, January 2013
"The SPOT Experience is what I envisioned as the ideal solution for pets in the metro area, big cities, where people are limited in space and have certain challenges in having their pets and making sure they get the approprate care."

Just Luxe, October 2012
"The Scoop on the streets of Battery Park City Manhattan in midtown west, the West Village, the Financial District, TriBeCa, and Long Island City is the amazine growth of NY Based dog services provider, The SPOT experience."

Curbed, October 2012
"Eight more buildings will now have pampered pooches, as the Rockrose real estate company has signed up for the Spot Experience's dog concierge service."

Just Luxe, October 2012
"We wanted to offer a quality pet amenity program, and Spot's services, personnel and protocol are top-of-the-line, offering our residents peace of mind regarding the high level of staff entering the buildings on a regular basis."

MHN Online, October 2012
"Our dog concierge program allows building owners to partner with us to offer residents full-scale access to both in-house and off-site pet care, providing the ultimate amenity fo the dog-owning tenant."

CNBC, October 2012
"Doormen, swimming pools, dry-cleaning -these are some of the perks one expects at pricey Manhattan apartments, but now you can add concierge services for dogs to the list."

New York Observer, October 2012
"Spot is the Montessori of the dog world. With carefully calibrated environments build around dog psychology."

New York Post, September 2012
"Then he stepped his paw into Puppy Kindergarten. Like a "mommy and me" for mutts, this basic class helps owner and dog work through anxieties, behavioral issues and key socialization techniques."

New York Observer, August 2012
"We've been dog friendly for many years," said Marina Higgins, vice president of ARGO. "I think that the residents will just love having Spot in the building."

Real Estate Weekly, August 2012
"The Spot Experience, a fast-growing dog services provider, has launched a dog service amenity program for The Millennium Tower, the luxury condo near Lincoln Center."

CNBC, August 2012
"Mitch Marrow, The Spot Experience founder & CEO, weighs in on how health care costs are affecting small businesses now."

Broker Pulse, August 2012
"This summer property management company, Rose Associates has definitely upped the ante on the growing trend by partnering with New York City's premier dog day care group, The Spot Experience to better accommodate it's four legged residents in style."

New York Times, July 2012
"THERE was a time when the New York City real estate world generally shunned owners of those furry creatures that chase cars and trucks, but times have changed."

New York Daily News, June 2012
"Now, residents of the Aldyn and the Ashley on the upper West Side have access to pet concierge services through Spot, a company that offers luxury dog services."

Fin Alternatives, June 2012
"The only way to ensure his dogs - and those of other busy New Yorkers - got proper care was to care for them himself. And that's how The Spot Experience, a dog daycare and services provider, was born."

Business Insider, June 2012
After opening six spas around the city, the company just announced a partnership with Rose Associates to bring its services to residents of the luxurious New York City buildings managed by Rose.

Curbed, June 2012
"Experts from the pet-pampering service, the Spot Experience, will be on hand to offer onsite dog training and agility courses."

Earlier in 2012:

Curbed, June 2012
Rose is rolling out the "dedicated luxury dog amenity services" in more than 30 buildings."

The Real Deal, June 2012
"Dog owners are increasingly winning attention from developers who now offer comprehensive dog care services in luxury buildings around the city."

DNA Info
"Customers say the experience of watching their dogs is extremely addicting."

The Wall Street Journal, June 2012
"A growing number of developers and real estate agents say there is a new must-have service - and it caters to tenants with four legs."

Fox Business, May 2012
"We have to take the unnecessary hurdles away from people, like myself, who are willing to be entrepreneurial. Large corporations are not what will pull us out of this current state. It will be the growth of small businesses."

Beauty News NYC, May 2012
"Who would believe that one of the quietest and most exhilarating places on the planet is in New York City and for dogs."

Evestment, March 2012
"Many hedge fund managers leave the industry to enjoy the fruits of their labors. That was not the case for Mitch Marrow."

The New York Enterprise Report, March 2012
"New Yorkers sure do love their dogs. You can barely swing a Chihuahua in the five boroughs without hitting a doggie groomer, a dog-sitter, a dog-related retail shop, or even a dog-friendly bakery. New Yorkers would do anything for their furry four-legged friends - but they also need to work, too."

The Street, January 2012
"In just one year, Marrow has opened four locations in Manhattan (the first two were dog day care centers he acquired) and a facility at Newark Airport, as well as Spot Country, a long-term boarding facility in upstate New York."

USA Today, January 2012
"With dogs substituting as children in many families, Spot taps into an industry that is growing despite the flailing economy."

Last Year (2011):

CBS, December 2011
"It goes without saying that New Yorkers love their dogs.It's not surprising, then, to find that many dog owners are looking to treat their pooches like royalty.

Fox News, December 2011
"We give people a piece of mind about where they are leaving their animal."

NY1 News, December 2011
"Dozens of dogs in a room. They are playful and active, but there's a clear lack of fighting, growling, even barking. It's part of a new method of animal training -- being implemented at The Spot Experience -- a boarding facility created by former NFL Carolina Panther Mitch Marrow, who's exploring ways to create quality, boarding and pet care for people on the go."

PBS Nightly Business Report, December 2011
"These may be tough economic times, but these pampered pooches are not feeling the bite. Dogs like Woof spend their days at Spot Experience, a luxury doggie daycare. Mitch Marrow, a former NFL player turned hedge fund manager, owns the business."

The Wall Street Journal, October 2011

"The real luxury of a stay at Spot, where the house rules include no barking and no yelling, is the zen-like atmosphere."

The Business Insider, September 2011
"At the other [dog care] places, I didn't want to leave my dog, so in good faith I had to make this a place other people wanted to leave their pets." -- Mitch Marrow, owner of Spot, on the standard of excellence at The Spot Experience."

The Examiner, September 2011
"With a 5,000 square foot private dog park featuring cushioned artificial turf, a swim therapy pool, dog-friendly ramps, certified trainers to watch the pups and video cameras so you can too (via webcam), Spot is an excellent daycare for the poshest pup."

DNA Info, September 2011
"The highly trained team of dog care professionals] are licensed veterinary technicians, and the team is led by "Head of Canine Protocols" Brewster Smith, an animal behaviorist who maintains a strict no-barking policy at Spot. Smith trains Spot's dog handlers to keep their canine clients relaxed and quiet by establishing themselves as the alpha dogs."